Vision Statement

Vision of Giving is founded to help families. Through our Christian values we are using the 'Feed My Sheep' John 21:17 philosophy in our efforts to help others. We are leading a new movement in people helping people.


Vision of Giving was founded in memory of Brandon Kilbourne. He was tragically killed in the August of 2017 at the age of 20 years old. Brandon was a volunteer Firefighter in (Lugoff) Columbia, South Carolina, where he found his true passion for helping others. Brandon was a dedicated and loyal friend to all that knew him. His selfless prospective made Brandon the person he was in life. He would always give of his time to help others first before helping himself. Vision of Giving is carrying on his legacy by following in his footsteps. We will help families across the USA by making donations.


Vision of Giving is a traveling organization that works with churches in their local communities to help with the local missions. Being in-person and on-the-ground in these local communities helps us better understand the positive impact we can offer for each mission. The leadership of the local church will recommend the missions to direct the funds to where they are needed most. Vision of Giving is honored to support local missions and local efforts all across the United States.


STEP 1 : Connect with Vision of Giving using any of our social media networks or our newsletter.

STEP 2 : Donate 1 hour of your time.

STEP 3 : Pause for just a moment and ask yourself, how do you feel? Do you feel better than you did just 1 hour before?

Now, Send us an email or a short video to with your story. We want to hear what you did and how it impacted you.



Following our Christian values, Vision of Giving uses the 'Feed My Sheep' philosophy in our efforts to help others.


TOUR 2018

Review our tour schedule of Vision of Giving for 2018. Join us at a local church in your community and share in the celebration of helping others. New locations and dates will be added each week.



Please call or email Vision of Giving for any questions or comments.
(803)-462-4733 or