We are leading a new movement in people helping people. Following our Christian values, Vision of Giving uses the 'Feed My Sheep' philosophy in our efforts to help others.

Working with local churches across the USA we will reach out to the people that most need our help. Vision of Giving is a traveling charity that goes directly to the communities so that we can make a positive impact in the lives of others. There is no applications nor demanding paperwork to qualify for our donations. Local churches nominate the mission within their membership to receive the gift.

With the Guidance of the church, Vision of Giving will donate to the selected mission to receive the donation. During the onsite visit to the church, we will all celebrate our joint efforts to help the missions and the local community.

Vision of Giving thrives on the positive impact we provide in helping those In need. Vision of Giving is participating in the 'Feed My Sheep' philosophy. Small gifts are huge rewards to others.