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2018 Limited Edition Challenge Coin

Vision of Giving announces the release of its 2018 Commemorative Challenge Coin. This limited-edition, custom-designed coin was inspired by our events of the past year. Our theme was “Helping Others”. The Vision of Giving 2018 Commemorative Challenge Coin will come with a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity. This keepsake is for you to save or to pass on to another individual who helped you during your time of need. Help comes in all forms and from places that you least expect. This beautiful coin can be kept as a memory or used as a token of your gratitude if you pass this on to another person. Giving something of value to another person shows your true feelings of thanks and commitment for their efforts.

The Commemorative Coin is 1¾ inch in diameter and weighted perfectly from selected metals. The face of the coin shows the original logo of Vision of Giving with the year of release embossed on the lower rim of the coin. “VISION OF GIVING” is displayed along the top rim with a rope border along the edge to surround the face with our full color logo. On the back of the coin along the bottom rim are the words “HELPING OTHERS”. This was the main goal of everything we did this year. This was our mission goal and the words we shared with every person we encountered during the year. As our theme of 2018, we feel this statement is long-lasting and needed today in all our communities. At the top rim is printed with the words “THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP”.

This coin can be given to another person that helped you in your time of need. Share the story of the coin and the meaning behind it. Challenge them to help others and pass on the coin to the next person. Connor Kilbourne designed the picture that adorns the back of the coin. Connor also designed the first draft of our logo from our website where it is proudly displayed as our Donation Button at the top of our pages. Connor modified the design to fit the coin. The picture of the two hands and the heart show who we are as people. We are loving and helping people. Connor created a simple picture that embodies Vision of Giving. We are proud to share this with all of you.

A numbered, signed certificate of authenticity with a custom watermark accompanies each coin and is enclosed in a red velveteen pouch with a drawstring top This pouch is the perfect way to keep your coin safe.

Vision of Giving will offer this coin during the first two weeks of December. All proceeds will go to Vision of Giving and the Food Recovery programs it supports throughout the USA. Your gift will help us in our efforts to “Help Others” ensure the hungry have adequate food each week in their homes to feed themselves and their families. Vision of Giving runs Food Recovery programs to help shelters ensure the hungry have food on the limited budgets under which they operate. Our gift of food goes a long way in helping them make it through each week. We are proud to serve our communities this way.

Cost for each Coin is $20 (Includes shipping, USA only). Buy one or as many as you need for the holiday season. What better gift than a gift of gratitude to others. Your gift to others of the Vision of Giving Challenge Coin will help us in our missions and provide you this one-of-a-kind gift to pass on to friends and family. Start the tradition in your family of collecting the annual Vision of Giving Challenge Coin. This 2018 Vision of Giving Coin is only available for a limited time each year.

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