Vision of Giving has founded a new project called Food Recovery. This is a simple concept of rescuing food that would normally be thrown a way and put back to use for the benefit of those in need. First, we partner with the large food producer like Caterers, banquette halls and large kitchens. They create the amazing meals for the events or parties that are happening all over cities each day. At the end of the day all of the extra food that was not put out or touched is eligible to be recovered. Normally this would just be thrown a way. With their partnership with Vision of Giving we help rescue this food. The caterers just call us and with one phone call we go in to motion. Vision of Giving arranges to have the food picked up and matches it with a local shelter that can take the food to the benefit of the residents of the shelter. With no financial cost to the food providers or shelters.

Vision of Giving has created this amazing relationship for the benefit of the local community. If you would like Vision of Giving to bring Food Recovery to your home town, please call or email us. We want to hear from you.


Should this opportunity fall within your generosity goals, please don’t hesitate to contact Vision of Giving for more updates about our project.